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Gift Ideas on Christmas & New Year Festival

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The last quarter of the year is no doubt the best and there are many reasons for us to believe so. Apart from having a good time partying, eating and drinking, it is also a great opportunity for all to give and share. This special time of the year helps us tell our loved ones how important they are and what they mean us and there is no better way than a gift to do this! So this holiday season, when you are shopping for yourself, include your near and dear ones in your list and experience the joy of sharing and giving irrespective of the part of the world you are living in.

However, it is quite common for people to get confused when it comes to gifts because you do not know what would be an ideal gift. But if you are in United Arab Emirates (UAE), in any of the splendid cities, there are countless gift options that you can choose from. When you are planning a gift for a loved one, try to think out of the box other than conventional gifts that can bring smile on the face of the receiver. If you are plagued with these thoughts, then read to know about gift ideas while you are in Dubai.


Clothes are something that we all love and the more we have the merrier it is especially with party season on you shall never have enough clothes! And also if you love fashion, then you ought to have the latest on the shelves to stay on top of the trend. So if you are buying accessories for yourself, then think of gifting coupons of stores that deal in Fashion Accessories. There are countless online as well as offline stores that have their own gift coupons. You can buy them and gift them you the people you love so that they can stay abreast of the latest fashion as well.

Beauty Products

Fashion, style and beauty all go hand in hand, especially in the party season. You can always gift a hamper of beauty products from leading cosmetic brands and add to the glow of your loved ones. Take a look at the special Groupon coupon Codes for Christmas.


Gifting your friends and family with Travel & Holidays options is another fantastic idea.  You can both buy tickets or packages from well known online travel sites to various destinations across the world and use these coupons as gifts. The choice of destination would entirely depend on your budget but gifting holiday packages help people get away from the craziness and stress of daily life and spend some quality time at another location. Most trusted online travel companies have special holiday packages during this season to help people add to their joy and happiness.


If you are in Dubai then you cannot miss the ‘Souqs’ or Arabian style market places. At Dubai, there is a souq for everything right from metals, gold, perfumes, spices, handicrafts, textiles, etc. with numerous merchants dealing with world class products in shops that give you the experience of traditional Arabian shopping. Coupons of such souq are a great gift option because this gives people a chance to having this unique shopping experience. 

Fashion Accessories

Every fashion is incomplete without accessories. So this is also a great gift idea for this season. You can buy fashion accessories like watches, jewelry, makeup, perfumes, colognes, eyewear, bags, belts, etc. and countless such things. This is a wonderful gift option because these things are always loved and wanted by most. Everybody loves fashion and hopes to look stylish not only with the clothes that they wear but also with everything else that they sport. Do your research or browse through stores to know what the latest trends are and watch faces light up with delight as you gift these versatile items.


All said and done, flowers top the list when it comes to gifts and flowers Dubai delivery on Christmas, are one of the best gifts that you can think of. They are simple, uncomplicated and easy. All you need to do is choose a reputable and reliable online flower delivery store, choose the flowers and arrangement that you wish to send across and you are done! Nothing can ever work the magic as flowers, so if you are totally running out of ideas for gifts, this is one option that you can always count on. Check out the ferns n petals offers for special deals and prices. 

Cakes and Chocolates

Cakes and chocolates are indeed special during this part of the year and there is perhaps no one in the world who does not love this delectable delights. These are something that you can always gift any person you love. You can choose from a wide variety of chocolates like praline, dark, milk, caramel, to name a few. You can also get a wide range of cakes like chocolate, vanilla, black or white forests, red velvet, truffle, rum, plum, etc. that are specially made for the festive season. These sweet treats are not only loved by all but are also affordable gift options for this time of the year. You can also take a look at Groupon UAE offers for fresh ideas.

Apart from the above ideas, online coupons are one of the best gifting options in today’s age. These are gifts people love because it allows them to buy their favorite stuff from their preferred online stores. Another advantage is that such coupons are always well spent because they allow people to buy things of their choice. In case of presents, you may or may not be sure about how beneficial it shall be to the person you are gifting to. However, when you think of gifts, do keep in mind your own budget and ages of people in your gift-list, so that you are able to make the right choice, making sure that your money is put to good use and not wasted by mindless gifting.