Valentine's Day Sale, Offers & Promotions in Dubai, UAE

Special Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with Discounts  

Love is something that we all need in plenty and with Valentine’s Day close up here in a few weeks, it is time that you gear up for this special day. This is a much awaited day for everyone as it gives an opportunity to express your feelings to all your loved ones. You can do this by giving gifts, flowers or chocolates but most important is spending your precious time with your close ones. Our time is perhaps the most priceless things that we can give our loved ones. Although we have busy schedules, you can start planning right now, well in advance so that you can take time out and make it a special day for your significant other.

Gifts are the best way to let your partner know how you feel about them and choosing the right one can be a challenge. Sometimes it does happen that you spend money but are yet unable to get the perfect gift of your choice. Amongst scores of gifts that you can choose from for your valentine, roses and chocolates are the most common of them. If you are looking for a novel gift idea for your valentine this year, here are a few unique ideas that can help you make this day truly extraordinary in 2024. Read to know what these are.

Go for short getaways – This is one of the best ways to celebrate February 14th in 2024! You can head to destinations like Ras Al Khaimah, Liwa Oasis, Al In or even Fujairah. You can go to any of these locations and spend a night or two at any of the resorts here and look forward to some quality time with your partner. You can order flowers to be delivered at your hotel with the help of ferns n petals coupon codes at discounted prices.

 • Personalized cards – Cards are traditional but perhaps one of the best way to convey your feelings. You can opt for personalized cards and word your feelings exactly the way you want to create a unique message for your other half. You can also create a special personalized video with a message and several moments and send it across as an exclusive gift.

 • Send across Gift e-cards – If you are not quite sure about what to give your partner this Valentine’s Day, then go for an e-gift card from any of the leading online stores in UAE. This way you can be sure that your money won’t go waste and at the same time your partner gets a great gift. In the online age, such gifts make people the happiest as they can buy what they really want to. Check out Joi Gifts if you are planning to send flowers across to your partner.

Desert Safari – If you are in UAE then going for the desert safari with your partner is a wonderful idea where you can have limitless fun as you go dune bashing, take camel rides, hot air balloon ride or even camp for a night there! Do check out all the options and pre-book so that you can reserve your place in advance and avoid last minute disappointments.

 • Day tour of Dubai – You can choose to around the glitzy city of Dubai on Valentine’s Day this year. You can opt for any of the local city tours depending upon your budget and explore this amazing city as you visit its much loved hotspots. You can check out valentine gifts and flowers at various stores in Dubai while you are on the move for a special touch to the celebrations.  

Zoom around in your favorite automobile – This is another luxurious experience that you can look forward when in UAE. You can hire a BMW, Porsche or even a Ferrari and zoom around in an exhilarating experience in convertibles around with your partner on beautiful Dubai roads.  

Indulge your senses with spas – There are countless spas that offer world class massage services in different cities of UAE. Going to one of these along with your partner for Valentine’s Day is sure to give you one of the best experiences that you can have together. You can feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated after a trip to these spas!

 • Dine at the ‘Atmosphere’ – This restaurant on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building can offer not only an amazing view but also an unforgettable experience at that height. But do remember to reserve your table in advance as it is one of the most popular eateries in Dubai owing to its distinctiveness.

Pristine beaches, turquoise waters, spectacular architecture, glitzy night life, UAE has it all that you need for togetherness. Prominent cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, etc. have countless options for all kinds of entertainment to meet all kinds of budgets. All you need to know what you love most to decide how you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2024. Also don’t forget to keep in mind the preferences of your partner so that you can both enjoy!